Discover Scuba Diving with Famous Celebs and Vloggers in Coron

Coron, Palawan is not only known for its magnificent landscapes and seascapes that continue to attract thousands of local and international travelers. Apart from island-hopping and hiking, the island also boasts its underwater diversity. Beginners and professional divers are showing off the beauty of the aquamarine life of Coron, only discovered through Discover Scuba Diving and shipwreck diving activities.

History says that during World War II, Japanese wartime ships docked on the vast ocean of Coron, Palawan, as an escape from the possible attack of the US army. Unfortunately, the US soldiers discovered and attacked them in September 1944, causing the sunken ships. In recent times, sunken warships have become an underwater attraction on the island.


Discovering the subaquatic wonders of Coron is now a book away, as SkyLodge Resort offers Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) to its guests. DSD is a brief preparatory training before immersing the first-time divers in enchanting dive spots such as Dimanglet Reef, Siete Picados, and Barracuda Lake. As we offer this activity to travelers, some celebrities and vloggers have explored the wonders beneath the waves with our professional team.


  1. Famous actress Bea Binene had a memorable diving experience through our DSD

Although Bea Binene is already a certified diver, she took her time for a refresher with our dive instructor. She started plunging into the calm and vibrant underwater of Siete Pecados, where she discovered heart-melting habitats such as various fish, the angel, trigger, and red snapper, among others. Apart from exploring Siete Pecados, she also explored CYC beach, which for her is best for beginners. Watch what she has to say about her underwater experience.


  1. The family of Ogie Diaz took the chance to Discover the underwater of Coron

The popular entertainment manager Ogie Diaz, and his family took time to relax and wander Coron with us in their summer getaway. His wife, mommy Sowl and daughter Erin took the opportunity to try our DSD. Since they are beginners, our dive instructors, assisted and briefed them on the proper techniques when in the waters. SkyLodge Resort has an eight-feet pool where beginners can train before discovering the calm aquamarine of Coron.

Surprisingly, although they are first-time divers, they were like pros when they submerged in the calm waters of the island. They have mastered their buoyancy and other basic diving skills with the help of our team. WATCH THIS VIDEO!


  1. Wilma Doesnt and Family had Fun with us

Sometime in January of this year, the well-known model Wilma Doesnt and her family stayed with us. Not only does she enjoyed the DSD, but she also admired the enchanting places they had visited. Like any other tourist, she has applauded the hospitality of the locals, and expressed her comfortability and safety on the island.

Their vacation will not be complete without trying our DSD. WATCH THIS VIDEO!

 SkyLodge—where heaven meets the bay is a famous mountain resort in Coron, Palawan. It attracts travelers for its captivating location, views surrounding the place, appetizing cuisines, hospitable staff and an overall excellent service. As we aim to give more satisfaction to our guests, we opened Discover Scuba Diving facilitated by PADI-certified and trained instructors.

Have a memorable diving adventure and shipwreck diving in Coron, Palawan through our Discover Scuba Diving!

Author: Remson C. Tarcelo



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