Celebrities Who Stayed and Celebrated Special Occasions at SkyLodge Resort

Celebrities Visited Skylodge Resort Coron


The island of Coron, Palawan, is internationally recognized and famous to travelers. The place made an impact on the hearts of the visitors. It never fails to impress them with its paradise-like attractions from inland to aquamarine life. The unfading beauty of the place captivates the soul of the tourists. Likewise, the locals have also embarked on belongingness of every traveler to the community. Hence, people are also returning to re-experience the love shared by the locals and the priceless memories created by the fascinating wonders.


Meanwhile, nothing is better for the guests than finding themselves seeking solace and calmness in the mountains. Many of us would love to rejuvenate our tired souls and restless minds. It is a dream for someone to sit outside while temperate air touches their skin, longing for a mountain of fresh air. Oh, of course, this is not an imagination but can turn into reality at SkyLodge Resort! Some guests would say it’s a sanctuary of the soul. It is nestled on top of a hill with an unobstructed view of the horizon of Coron bay and an awe-inspiring sunrise behind Mt. Tapyas, shading the skyline above the town with morning hues.


The uncluttered country-style architecture provides a simple yet cozy ambiance for relaxation. It fits the location and is suitable for tourists wanting a laid-back accommodation. Thus, some celebrities found themselves falling in love with the resort. Below is the honest feedback from these well-known personalities.


The celebrity, Ms. Wilma Doesnt, can’t get over with SkyLodge Resort—she’s back! Their second time at the hotel is a honeymoon getaway. She tied a knot with her long-time partner Jerick Parin. Here’s what she shares about the hotel where heaven meets the bay as she stepped once more to the de-stressing land of SkyLodge.

Sometime in January of this year, she had a vacation in Coron and discovered SkyLodge Resort. Her first impression about us is warming. She has admired the enchanting places they had visited that were part of the Coron tour package offered by SkyLodge resort. Like any other tourist, she has applauded the hospitality of the locals, mentioning comfortability and safety when visiting the island.

The popular entertainment manager Ogie Diaz, and his family took time to relax and wander Coron with us in their summer getaway. He has something to say about Coron and SkyLodge Resort. Not only does he admire the magnificent island, but he recognizes the hospitality of hotel’s team.


While shooting for an international film entitled ‘
Pasional,’ in which she stars, her team has chosen to throw her a party at SkyLodge Resort. She was gladly celebrating her 32nd birthday with us. Meanwhile, the director has decided to have a taping at the hotel for its unique location and great views surrounding the place.

There are several of mountain resorts dotted across Coron town, but SkyLodge has only the captivating views that perfect for travelers seeking for some peace.  BOOK NOW!

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